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Radiant floor heating installation

Radiant floor heating is one of the warmest, most comfortable forms of heat, especially in rooms where your feet are usually bare. Natural gas radiant floor heating is the most efficient and comfortable way to heat your bathroom, kitchen, home, or business. It provides a dense comfortable heat that is radiated from your floor. It gives your home a “cleaner” look because baseboards are eliminated and their elements aren’t collecting dust and dirt. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about cleaning all the baseboard fins on a regular basis to maximize efficiency.

What is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating is an excellent choice for heating your home or business. Pex pipes are run in loops underneath the floor boards. This not only keeps the floors warm on colds days, but it also keeps the room heated in a more uniform fashion and uses less energy in the process. With radiant floor heating, the water is only heated to a temperature of about 80 degrees instead of the usual 180 degrees required for forced hot water heating. Radiant floor heating is a superior choice for new home construction.

Can I put radiant heating in a preexisting house?

It is possible to retrofit some rooms in existing buildings.

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radiant floor heat installation